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Odradek Records
Founded 2012 (2012)
Founder John Anderson
Status Active
Genre classical music
Country of origin United States
Official website Odradek Records web site

Odradek Records is a cooperative, non-profit record label that releases recordings of classical music.


Odradek Records, based in the United States, was founded by John Anderson[1] in 2012 [2] as an artist-controlled label for performers wishing to release recordings with more freedom than with other labels. Designed according to the model of peer-reviewed scientific journals, Odradek Records allows submissions from any performer, and these submissions are evaluated by other professionals. The founder, John Anderson, described this process: "Artists are chosen anonymously based solely on a demo recording by a committee of myself and four others, who rotate year to year." [3]

Odradek Records also organizes festivals to showcase its artists.[4] The first festival was held in five cities in Italy in July, 2012, and featured six artists performing works by a dozen composers.

Odradek Records takes its name from a mythical creature in Franz Kafka's story The Cares of a Family Man.

Artists and composers[edit]

Odradek Records focuses on classical music for piano, and features artists such as Domenico Codispoti, Mei Yi Foo, Duo Masumi & Miho Hio, Pina Napolitano and Javier Negrin.[5] Malaysian pianist Mei Yi Foo received a BBC Music Magazine recording award for her Musical Toys disc, featuring works by Gubaidulina, Unsuk Chin and Ligeti.[6]

The label has released recordings by composers such as Liszt, Ravel, Hindemith, Ligeti and Schönberg, and has received the first recording rights from Boosey & Hawkes for Unsuk Chin’s Piano Études.[7]

Economic model[edit]

As a non-profit record label, Odradek Records keeps only enough money to cover expenses, passing on all profits to the performers. Odradek Records provides access to their recording studio [8] for all recordings.

Odradek Records' recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0” license [9] whenever possible. This license is used for works in the public domain, but not for recordings of compositions that are still under copyright.

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