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Odyssey BMX is a bicycle parts company based in Cerritos California specialising in BMX. Founded in 1985,[1] one of its first products was the Gyro detangler, which is still in production today.[2] The term “Gyro” is a registered trademark owned by Odyssey. The product line currently includes almost all parts necessary to build a BMX except frames.

In 2005 the company won a design distinction award from ID magazine for the Elementary stem[3] which gained a US patent[4] and challenged the prevalent stem design of the time which used 6 bolts and replaced them with a single bolt controlling an internal expander. The Elementary stem was a collaboration with George French of G-Sport and in the course of this project odyssey BMX absorbed G-Sport [5][6]

In 2009 Odyssey launched the Ratchet hub under the G-Sport brand[7]

In 2005 and 2009 The Odyssey Catalogue was featured in Print Magazine's Regional Design Annual[8]

Aaron Ross has a signature grip which has gained wider interest[9]

The company has 5 US distributors and a further 44 worldwide [10]

The current team[11] includes Aaron Ross[12] and Taj Mihelich.[13]


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