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Original author(s) Forgotten Software Inc.
Developer(s) Forgotten Software Inc.
Initial release November 1, 2007 (0.3b)
Stable release
0.4.2b / December 8, 2007
Preview release
1.0 Mac OS X / December 20, 2007
Development status Discontinued
Written in Cocoa-Document Based, WebKit
Operating system Mac OS X
License GNU GPL

Odysseys is a WebKit based web browser developed by Forgotten Software Inc., based on the work of Tominated Software. The browser claims to be faster than other browsers because of its streamlined, simple interface, and is aimed towards legacy computers with minimal hardware resources as well as public settings, as it does not publicly store history, and does not log usernames or password. Odysseys is similar to Apple Computer's Safari, as they are both based on WebKit and have similar user interfaces.

History and development[edit]

Odysseys' development started in early 2007. The developer had an older Mac and wanted a faster web experience.[citation needed]

Odysseys uses Apple's WebKit for rendering web pages and running JavaScript. WebKit consists of WebCore, which is based on Konqueror's KHTML engine, and JavaScriptCore, which is based on KDE's JavaScript engine KJS. Like KHTML and KJS, WebCore and JavaScriptCore are free software that are released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The first two versions of Odysseys were alpha releases and not available to the public. The first public version was 0.3b. a beta version with many bugs and very little functionality. 0.4b was released, with many bug fixes and an improved user interface.

Odysseys 1.0 was leaked to a few people late in December 2007. The version never went officially public, as the browser was discontinued after 0.3b for Radon Web Browser.