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Oe or OE may refer to:

Letters, glyphs[edit]

  • Œ or œ, a ligature of o and e used in the modern French and medieval Latin alphabets
  • Oe (digraph)
  • Open-mid front rounded vowel or œ
  • Ö, Latin and Swedish character sometimes representing 'oe'
  • Ø, Northern European (Norwegian, Danish) or Sami vowel, representing œ, 'oe' diphthong etc.
  • Ө, a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet


Measurement symbols[edit]

  • °Oe, a measurement on the Oechsle scale for the density of grape must
  • Oersted (Oe), a unit of magnetic field strength

Other uses[edit]

  • Ōe (surname), a Japanese surname
  • Old English, a term for the form of the English language spoken in the Early Middle Ages
  • On30 or Oe, a model railway gauge
  • Old Edwardian (OE), a former pupil of various schools named after a King Edward or St. Edward
  • Olathe East High School, a high school in Olathe, Kansas
  • Opportunistic encryption (OE), a means to combat passive wiretapping
  • O.E., Order of Excellence of Guyana, highest honour of Guyana
  • Overseas experience (OE), a New Zealand term for extended working holidays
  • OpenEmbedded (OE), a Linux-based embedded build system
  • OE, the prefix given to the Aircraft registration number of Austrian aircraft (from the German language name of the country, Republik Österreich, where the Ö is rendered as an Oe phoneme)
  • OE, an abbreviation referring to the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange product. Can also refer to Microsoft's Outlook Express email client