Ōe Station (Aichi)

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Ōe Station
Meitetsu Oe Station 01.JPG
Newly built station building, May 2007
Location Kafuku-Hondōri, Minami, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by Meitetsu
Opened 1917
Passengers (FY2009) 2,550 daily

Ōe Station (大江駅, Ōe-eki) is a railway station operated by Meitetsu on the Tokoname Line and Chikkō Line located in Minami-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


Ōe Station is served by the Meitetsu Tokoname Line and Meitetsu Chikkō Line. It is located 3.8 km (2.4 mi) from the terminus of the Tononame line at Jingū-mae Station, and forms the terminal station for the Chikkō Line.[1]

Station layout[edit]

Ōe Station has two island platforms and one side platform, serving a total of five tracks.


1  Tokoname Line for Ōtagawa, Tokoname, Central Japan International Airport, and Chita Handa (main line)
2  Tokoname Line for Ōtagawa, Tokoname , Central Japan International Airport and Chita Handa (side line)
3  Tokoname Line for Jingū-mae, Nagoya, Inuyama and Gifu (main line)
4  Tokoname Line for Jingū-mae, Nagoya, Inuyama and Gifu (side line)
5  Chikkō Line for Higashi Nagoyakō
Ōe Station track diagram.

Adjacent stations[edit]

Tokoname Line
μSKY Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Jingū-mae   Rapid Express
(part of trains)
Jingū-mae   Express   Ōtagawa
(some Daidōchō and Shūrakuen)
Jingū-mae   Semi Express   Daidōchō
Dōtoku   Local   Daidōchō
Chikkō Line
Terminus - Higashi Nagoyakō


Ōe Station was opened on May 10, 1917 as a station on the Aichi Electric Railway Company. The Aichi Electric Railway became part of the Meitetsu group on August 1, 1935. Express train service was discontinued from 1990. Later that year, a spur line to Nagoya Port, the Meitetsu Chikkō Line began operations. A new station building was completed in December 2004, at which time the Tranpass system of magnetic fare cards with automatic turnstiles was implemented. Express train services resumed from 2005. The platforms for the Chikkō Line were extended in 2010.


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Coordinates: 35°05′35″N 136°54′47″E / 35.0931°N 136.913°E / 35.0931; 136.913