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Country Germany
States Thuringia

Oechse is a river of Thuringia, Germany.

Oechse rises on the western slope of the 714 m high Baier and initially flows west to Oechsen to finally to turn along the main road to the north in 2601, where sheVacha achieved and opens into the Werra. Here the river flows on the mountain Oechsen over.

Tributaries [ Edit ][edit]

The main tributaries are the Oechse (downstream ordered by Mündungsort, in parentheses inflow side and length as well as places in the stream course): [2]

  • Marbach (left, 4.3 miles)
  • Geblar (left, 3.4 km; Geblar )
  • Black Oechse (right, 2.5 km Gehaus )
  • Sünna (left, 8.1 km; Deicheroda , Sünna )

By far the largest and most important tributary, the in Vacha which opens Sünna is that the mountains Dietrich(669 m) and Oechsen (627 m) wraps around from the west, while the Oechse doing this from the east.

On the western slope of the 721 m high Sachsenburg springing Marbach , more or less left the source stream, is the only other tributary over a catchment area of more than 10 km².

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Coordinates: 50°49′53″N 10°01′17″E / 50.8315°N 10.0215°E / 50.8315; 10.0215