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Discipline Ecology
Language English
Edited by C.L. Ballaré; R.Brandl; K.L. Gross; R.K. Monson; J. Trexler; H. Ylönen
Publication details
Frequency 16 issues per year
ISSN 0029-8549 (print)
1432-1939 (web)

Oecologia is an international peer-reviewed English-language journal published by Springer since 1968 (some articles were published in German or French until 1976). The journal publishes original research in a range of topics related to plant and animal ecology.

Oecologia has an international focus and presents original papers, methods, reviews and special topics. Papers focus on population ecology, plant-animal interactions, ecosystem ecology, community ecology, global change ecology, conservation ecology, behavioral ecology and physiological ecology.

Oecologia had an impact factor of 3.011 (2012) and is ranked 37 out of 136 in the subject category "ecology".[1][2]

Editorial Board[edit]

As of June 2014, the journal has six editors in chief:[3]


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