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Oedipus was the mythical king of Thebes.

Oedipus may also refer to:



Modern music[edit]


Oedipus complex[edit]


  • Oedipus Berthold, 1827, a junior synonym of the insect genus Locusta (migratory locust)
  • Oedipus Tschudi, 1838, an invalid name for the amphibian genus Bolitoglossa
  • Oedipus Lesson, 1840, an invalid name for the primate genus Saguinus (tamarins)
  • Oedipus Dana, 1852, an invalid name for the crustacean genus Coralliocaris
  • Oedipus Menge, 1876, an invalid name for some spiders in the family Salticidae (jumping spiders)


  • Stinkor, original name Oedipus (He-man and the masters of the universe) anime