Oeneis jutta

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Jutta Arctic
Jutta Arctic (Oeneis jutta balderi), Newfoundland.jpg
Found in Newfoundland, Canada
Scientific classification
O. jutta
Binomial name
Oeneis jutta
(Hübner, [1806-1806])[1]

11, see text

  • Papilio jutta Hübner, [1805-1806]

Oeneis jutta, the Jutta Arctic or Baltic grayling, is a species of butterfly in the subfamily Satyrinae with a Circumboreal distribution. It occurs in bogs and tundra in the north of Europe, the Baltic states, the Urals, Siberia, northern Kazakhstan, the Russian Far East, northern Mongolia, northeastern China, North Korea, and northern North America (Canada from Newfoundland to British Columbia).[2][3][4] Larvae feed on Carex[3][4] and Eriophorum,[3] possibly also Glyceria, Molinia, and Juncus.[3] Ledum palustre is the preferred nectar plant of the adult butterflies.[3] The species has one generation every one or two years, depending on the location.[3]

Pinned specimen


Listed alphabetically:[1]

  • O. j. akoene Belik & Yakovlev, 1998 − Altai, western Tuva
  • O. j. alaskensis Holland, 1900 − Alaska, Yukon, northern British Columbia
  • O. j. ascerta Masters & Sorenson, 1968 − southeastern Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Michigan, northern Maine, northern New Hampshire
  • O. j. balderi (Geyer, 1837) − Newfoundland
  • O. j. chermocki Wyatt, 1965 − western Alberta, southern British Columbia
  • O. j. harperi Chermock, 1969 − northern Manitoba, eastern Northwest Territories
  • O. j. jutta
  • O. j. leussleri Bryant, 1935 − western Northwest Territories
  • O. j. reducta McDunnough, 1929
  • O. j. ridingiana F. & R. Chermock, 1940 − southwestern Manitoba, Saskatchewan
  • O. j. sibirica Kurentzov, 1970 − Yakutia, Magadan, Chukot Peninsula


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