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In Greek mythology, the name Oenoe[pronunciation?] or Oinoe (Ancient Greek: Οἰνόη "winy") may refer to:

  • Oenoe, an Arcadian nymph, one of the nurses of infant Zeus.[1] She is probably the same as Oenoe, possible mother of Pan by Aether,[2] and Oeneis, also a possible mother of Pan, this time by Zeus.[3]
  • Oenoe, an impious Pygmy woman, wife of Nicodamas and mother of Mopsus. She was changed by Hera into a crane because of her impiety; Hera also made the Pygmies start a war against cranes. Oenoe, missing her son, would still come near the house where he lived, which caused the war to go on and on.[4] This Oenoe is otherwise known as Gerana.
  • Oenoe, eponym of a deme in Attica (now Oinoi), sister of Epochus.[5]
  • Oenoe or Oenoie, Naiad nymph of the homonymous island, mother of Sicinus by Thoas.[6]
  • Oenoe, a Maenad follower of Dionysus.[7]


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