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Oenology (enology; /ˈnɒləi/[1][2] ee-NOL-o-jee) is the science and study of wine and winemaking. It is distinct from viticulture, which is concerned with the cultivation and harvest of grapes.[3] The English word oenology derives from the word oinos, "wine" (οἶνος) and the suffix –logia, "study of" (-λογία) from the Ancient Greek language. An oenologist is an expert in the field of oenology. Oenology and viticulture are commonly taught together, thus covering all outdoor and indoor aspects of wine and winemaking.

Education and training[edit]

An increasing number of schools offer degree-granting programs in oenology and viticulture. Most of these offer it as a major concentration for a Bachelor of Science (B.S, B.Sc., Sc.B) degree or offer it as a terminal master's degree—either in scientific or research-oriented program culminating in a Master of Science (M.S., Sc.M.) degree, or a professional degree, like Cornell University's master of professional studies. Oenologists and viticulturalists who hold doctoral degrees often have earned them in related fields, including horticulture, plant physiology, or microbiology. Related nonacademic titles including sommelier and master of wine certifications are more oriented toward commercial occupations in the restaurant or hospitality management industry.

Oenologists often work as winemakers or find employment with commercial laboratories or with groups such as the Australian Wine Research Institute.


Schools in Australia tend to offer a "bachelor of viticulture" or "master of viticulture" degree.




Official National Diploma of Oenology:

Other wine diplomas:




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