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In the Dungeons and Dragons World of Greyhawk Campaign setting, Oerik is the largest continent on the world of Oerth, where the Greyhawk campaign takes place.

Publication history[edit]

The 1980 version of the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting concentrates on the eastern part of Oerik, giving the most basic descriptions of its approximately 60 states.[1] The "Atlas of the Flanaess" booklet from the From the Ashes boxed set presents a broad overview of the eastern portion of Oerik, Oerth's major continent and the primary locale for Greyhawk campaigns.[2]


Oerik is named after the Oeridians, a human people who settled much of the continent. The best-known part of Oerik is the eastern portion, known as the Flanaess, named after the first human settlers to that region, the Flan.

A lesser-known region, Western Oerik, was described in materials for the Chainmail game from 2001-2002.


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