Oesel Choeling Monastery

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Oesel Choeling Monastery
Monastery information
Location Ranjung, Trashigang District, Bhutan
Founded by Garab Rinpoche
Founded 1990
Type Tibetan Buddhist
Lineage Garab Rinpoche

Oesel Choeling Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan. It is located in the village of Rangjung, on the left bank of the Gamri Chhu, approximately 16 kilometres from Trashigang.[1] The monastery was built in 1990 by Garab Rinpoche. Austrian influence in the area has also funded a hydroelectric plant.[1]


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Coordinates: 27°21′44″N 91°40′14″E / 27.3622°N 91.6706°E / 27.3622; 91.6706