Of Walking in Ice

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Of Walking in Ice
Author Werner Herzog
Original title Vom Gehen im Eis
Translator Marje Herzog and Alan Greenberg
Country Germany
Language German
Genre Diary
Publisher Free Association
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 68
ISBN 978-0-9796121-0-7
OCLC 194118757

Of Walking in Ice is the diary of German film director Werner Herzog published in 1978. It was written in German (Vom Gehen im Eis) and translated into English.

Plot summary[edit]

The diary was written and takes place between November 23 and December 14, 1974. In the foreword, Herzog says that he received a call from a friend in Paris, informing him that his close friend and German film historian Lotte H. Eisner was ill and dying. Herzog was determined to prevent this, and believed that an act of walking would keep Eisner from death. He took a jacket, a compass, and a duffel bag of the barest essentials, and wearing a pair of new boots, set off on a three-week pilgrimage from Munich to Paris through the deep chill and snowstorms of winter.

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