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Ofatinţi (Romanian; Ukrainian: Вихватинці, Vykhvatyntsi; Russian: Выхватинцы, Vykhvatintsy), is a commune in Transnistria, Moldova. It is composed of two villages, Novaia Jizni (Ukrainian: Нове Життя, Nove Zhyttia; Russian: Новая Жизнь, Novaya Zhyzn) and Ofatinţi. It is located 15 km south of Râbniţa.

Historically, a small trading port on the Dniester river, during the 19th century, it was part of the Podolsk district of the Russian Empire. The famous Russian composer Anton Rubinstein was born in Ofatinţi.

Coordinates: 47°40′N 29°00′E / 47.667°N 29.000°E / 47.667; 29.000