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Ofelia Guilmáin (November 17, 1921 – January 14, 2005) was an actress of telenovelas, stage and the cinema of Mexico.

She is also the mother of actors Juan Ferrara and Lucía Guilmáin. Two of her grandchildren, sons of Ferrara, Mauricio and Juan Carlos Bonet, are also actors.


Ofelia Guilmáin was born in Madrid, Spain.

She was part of the Guerrillas of Theater groups in Spain set up by the republican government. When Francisco Franco came to power, she left her country as did many other artists and intellectuals. She arrived with her family in Mexico in 1939 and debuted in theater the following year in the play Mujeres. In 1940, she made her first film El capitán estrella and married Lucilo Gutiérrez next year. She retired from show business for a decade and became a Mexican citizen in 1952.

She made approximately 41 telenovelas, 39 movies and 100 plays. Hugo Argüelles wrote La ronda de la hechizada specifically for her in 1968. Ofelia Guilmáin died in Mexico City at the age of 83 from respiratory failure caused by pneumonia.




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