Off-centered rhyme

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An off-centered rhyme is a rhyme scheme characterized by placing rhyming words or syllables in unexpected places in a given line. This is sometimes called a misplaced-rhyme scheme, or a Spoken Word rhyme style.

Here's an example from a recording artist from De La Soul:

Playin waitor, with the data servin' your ears
with information due to confirmation of the nation's most
wicked ways of livin, like them glassy eyed beans
Inhale to smoke the fiends, while bangin' a tape
Rated at the high point of the mass
Rippin' MC's at the top of a class, occasionally
rippin' some sucker's face, or some suckable ass from a girl
It's a big brother beat for the wide wide world

This is a common rhyme scheme found in the Spoken Word form of poetry. This can be found in Hip-hop as well, but it is not as common in Hip-hop as it is in Spoken Word.