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Off Broadway is an American rock band founded by Paul Darrow, Cliff Johnson, Paul McDermott, John Pazdan and Dan Santercola in 1977 in Oak Park, Illinois. After several line-up changes including the addition of songwriter/guitarist John Ivan and Robert Harding, the band's debut album On was released by Atlantic Records in 1979. The album reached No. 101 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the single "Stay in Time", which reached No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 record charts.[1] Off Broadway released a follow-up album, Quick Turns, on Atlantic Records in 1980 and continued touring for three years before breaking up in 1983.

In early May 1980, "Stay in Time" peaked at number 9 on the weekly music surveys of their hometown radio superstation WLS-AM in Chicago, which gave the song much airplay. [2]

The band is currently composed of all original "ON" album players including John Pazdan (bass/backing vocals), John Ivan (guitar), Cliff Johnson (lead vocals), Ken Harck (drums) and Rob Harding (guitar/backing vocals) who have reunited to perform select shows in 2018 and beyond.



  • On (1979), U.S. No. 101
  • Quick Turns (1981), U.S. No. 208
  • "Fallin' In (1997)
  • Live At Fitzgeralds (1998)


  • "Stay in Time" (flip side Full Moon Turn my Head Around) (1979), U.S. No. 51
  • "Bad Indication (1979)
  • "Automatic (flip side So Long) (1980)
  • "Are You Alone (1980)

Other Releases by Past & Present Members[edit]

Big Guitars From Memphis (John Ivan)

  • 8 Ball
  • Plan 9
  • The Best of Big Guitars From Memphis

Cliff Johnson

  • Razors & Rose Pedals (2010)
  • Little Crimes

Mimi Betinis

  • All That Glitters (2010)

Black and Blonde (Cliff Johnson, Rob Harding, & Mimi Betinis)

  • Just In Time (1992)

EIEIO (Rob Harding)

  • Land Of Opportunity
  • That Love Thang
  • E*I*E*I*O*


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