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Off Centaur Publications
United States
FounderTeri Lee
Jordin Kare
Catherine Cook
HeadquartersUnited States
WebsiteLibrary listing

Off Centaur Publications was the first "commercial" filk label. It was founded in 1980 by Teri Lee, Jordin Kare, and Catherine Cook. For a short time, Off Centaur produced high quality recordings of some of filk's best performers, and changed the course of filk music.[1]

Like some other filk labels the name was a pun, in this case upon the idiom "off center" meaning eccentric, odd, or unusual -- all of which could be considered legitimate characterizations of filk music. (Other filk labels have included Wail Songs, Unlikely Publications, and Random Factors, illustrating the style of self-deprecating humor common among these publishers.)

Releases from this label are very difficult to find. At an Interfilk auction at FilKONtario, a copy of Horse-Tamer's Daughter was sold for CA$400.00. Admittedly, since these are charity auctions to support the filk community, prices at Interfilk auctions do tend to run higher than typical. However, Off Centaur tapes are commonly considered "unobtainium" since few have been republished or re-created, and the best do tend to command collector prices.

Off Centaur Publications was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 1995.[1]

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