Off the Ropes

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Off the Ropes
Off the Ropes.bmp
Created by KPW
Starring KPW wrestlers and staff
Country of origin New Zealand
Running time Approx. 28 mins per episode (plus commercials)
Original network Prime TV
Original release 15 November 2009
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Off the Ropes is a professional wrestling television program for Kiwi Pro Wrestling (KPW). The show debuted on Prime TV in New Zealand on 15 November 2009.

Show history[edit]

In October 2009, KPW announced the launch of a flagship TV show on its website and that the show was to be named Off the Ropes. Later that month, the commencement date and transmission time of the show were announced.

KPW management made the decision to name the show Off the Ropes so that the title format would be similar to Steve Rickard's famous New Zealand professional wrestling TV programme On The Mat, broadcast some 25 years earlier.[1]

The show is significant in New Zealand professional wrestling history in that Off the Ropes is the first show featuring New Zealand professional wrestling show to be broadcast on a nationally-available free-to-air television channel since On The Mat ceased transmission by South Pacific Pictures circa 1984.[1]

Off the Ropes began transmission of its 13-episode first season on Sunday 15 November 2009.

Show format[edit]

Currently, the show airs every Sunday at 1:30 pm – 2:00pm on Prime Television New Zealand, a free-to air national television network. Each episode is approximately 24 minutes in length (produced for a 30-minute time-slot) and features usually two matches (two singles matches, or one singles match and one tag team match), wrestler interviews in the Backstage Pass segment hosted by KPW staff member Ilex Bell, and backstage vignettes that reveal more of the wrestlers' personality and motivations.

On-air performers[edit]


KPW Heavyweight Championship[edit]

Wrestler: Defeated: Date: Place: Event: Notes:
H-Flame Jonnie Juice 21 July 2006 Taita, Lower Hutt Eruption Tournament final for the vacant championship
Inferno H-Flame 13 December 2009 Wellington, NZ Off the Ropes Episode broadcast 13 Dec 2009
Max Damage Inferno 31 January 2010 Wellington, NZ Off the Ropes Episode broadcast 31 Jan 2010
The Technician Max Damage 16 July 2010 Wellington, NZ Make Or Break

KPW Tag Team Championship[edit]

Team: Defeated: Date: Place: Event: Notes:
The Renegades (The Technician and Kade Morgan "3G") Whetu and Jade Diamond 8 May 2009 Newtown, Wellington Rise of the Champions Tournament final for the vacant championship

Authority figures[edit]



Recurring segments[edit]

Backstage Pass, host by Ilex Bell

Appearances in other media[edit]

Print and other media[edit]

Off the Ropes was previewed and promoted in the National Business Review on 25 September 2009 ,[2] the Otago Daily Times on 6 October 2009 [3] and also on 13 October 2009,[4] the New Zealand TV Guide on 5 November 2009,[5] the Truth on 13 November 2009,[6] the Herald on 14 November 2009 [7] and also on and 25 September 2009,[8] the New Zealand Listener on 14 November 2009,[9] the Sunday Star-Times on 15 November 2009 [10] and the Sunday News on 15 November 2009.[11]

Off the Ropes was also promoted on the New Zealand website Throng on 25 September 2009 [12] and on 15 November 2009.[13]

Wrestlers' interviews[edit]

KPW mainstay H-Flame was also the subject of a cover story for the internationally distributed Fire & Rescue, the official New Zealand Fire service magazine [14] and was also featured in the Wanganui Chronicle on 6 November 2009,[15] and the New Zealand Herald on 2 November 2009.[16]

KPW wrestler the Technician was interviewed by the Waikato Times on 11 November 2009.[17]

KPW wrestler Jade Diamond was interviewed by The Northern Advocate on 3 November 2009.[18]

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