Offered for Singles

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Offered for Singles
Offered for Singles.jpg
Directed by Samson Samsonov
Produced by Vyacheslav Budkevich
Written by Arkady Inin
Starring Natalya Gundareva
Aleksandr Mikhailov
Tamara Syomina
Yelena Drapeko
Frunzik Mkrtchyan
Viktor Pavlov
Music by Eugen Doga
Cinematography Viktor Yakushev
Creative association of comedy and musical films
Release date
  • January 2, 1984 (1984-01-02)
Running time
89 minutes
Country USSR
Language Russian

Offered for Singles (Russian: Одиноким предоставляется общежитие, translit. Odinokim predostavlyaetsya obshchezhitiye) is a 1984 romantic comedy directed by Samson Samsonov and written by Arkady Inin.[1]


Vera Golubeva, a textile mill worker, lives in a dormitory. In her spare time she arranges the fate of their friends. Although employment is informal and selfless Vera suited to his professional: working with the press, sends marriage announcements throughout the Soviet Union, and carefully selects suitors. Faith itself alone, walking on other people's weddings, I forgot to dream of his own family happiness.

In a purely women's team has a new hostel Commandant Victor Petrovich - a picturesque former sailor, abandoned wife. At first, he tries to fight orders and cover the marriage office of the Vera. But soon, Viktor begins to understand that faith is the woman he was looking for all my life ...



  • The film won prizes CCF in Kiev (1984) and the International Film Festival in Chamrousse (1985)
  • Natalya Gundareva - best actress in 1984 in a poll of the magazine Soviet Screen [2]


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