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Office Girls
Office Girls-poster.jpg
Promotional poster for Office Girls
Also known as 小資女孩向前衝
Genre romance, comedy
Created by SETTV
Written by Luo Cai Yu 羅彩渝
Lu Li Li 羅立麗
Fang Yi De 方懿德
Directed by Xu Fu Jun 徐輔軍
Starring Ko Chia-yen
Roy Chiu
Tia Lee
Patrick Lee
Guo Shu Yao
James Wen
Janel Tsai 蔡淑臻
Opening theme "Don’t, Don’t" by Genie Chuo
Ending theme "Add A Little Happiness" by Yisa Yu
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
Taiwanese Hokkien
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 25
Executive producer(s) Pan Bo Xuan 潘博軒
Wu Chang Pei 吳長沛
Producer(s) Hu Ning Yuan 胡寧遠
Xie Yi Sheng 謝益勝
Location(s) Taiwan
Running time 90 minutes
Production company(s) Sanlih E-Television
Cai Xiang Television Ltd.
Distributor Sanlih E-Television
Original network TTV Main Channel
First shown in Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original release 21 August 2011 (2011-08-21) – 12 February 2012 (2012-02-12)
Preceded by Love You
Followed by Love Forward
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Office Girls (traditional Chinese: 小資女孩向前衝; simplified Chinese: 小资女孩向前冲), is a 2011 Taiwanese drama starring Roy Chiu, Ko Chia-yen, James Wen, Tia Lee, and Patrick Lee. It started filming in July 2011.

It was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air channel Taiwan Television (TTV) every Sunday at 22:00 from 21 August 2011, and cable TV SET Metro (三立都會台) every Saturday at 22:00 from 28 August 2011.


Sheng Xin Ren (Ko Chia-yen) is a staff member in the Sales Department of Jing Shi Department Store. At age 25, she has worked there for four years. She is tasked with training and mentoring Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu), 28, a new entry-level member of the Sales Department. Unbeknownst to her and almost everyone else there, Zi Qi is the son of Qin Mu Bai (Shen Meng Sheng/沈孟生), the Chairman of Jing Shi Department Store. Zi Qi's father has challenged him to a test to prove he deserves to lead Jing Shi Department Store - Zi Qi will have to live on a lowly entry-level salary for one year, without the luxuries he is used to, and cannot reveal his true identity.

Xin Ren and Zi Qi clash - she is frugal, saving every single cent so she can buy a house in Taipei for her and her mother. He is used to living large and spending big. She is extremely loyal to Jing Shi Department Store and is content with her job but he thinks the department store need to clean house and get rid of senior management who are stuck in inefficient ways.

To improve sales, Xin Ren suggests inviting her idol Yu Cheng Feng (James Wen), an internationally renown designer, to set up a counter in their store. Despite Yu Cheng Feng having publicly stated that his designs would never be sold in department stores, Xin Ren with Zi Qi tagging along set out to get him to accept their proposal.

Zi Qi is initially attracted to Zheng Kai Er, the assistant manager in the Merchants Department. Kai Er agrees to be just good friends but is jealous of the relationship between Zi Qi and Xin Ren. Kai Er tries to ruin the relationship between the two on a number of occasions. Zi Qi and Xin Ren, despite their constant bickering, realize they like each other and begin dating.

Zi Qi's mother returns to Taiwan from the United States. She tries to force Zi Qi's father to promote Zi Qi to Executive Vice President but backs down when Zi Qi convinces her that his father is right to challenge him. He has also gotten used to his new life. Zi Qi's mother initially disapproves of Xin Ren who she feels is beneath Zi Qi but comes to accept her.

When Zi Qi's identity is revealed, Xin Ren is upset that he lied to her, but she eventually forgives him. The series ends with Xin Ren and Zi Qi's wedding.


Main Characters[edit]

Actor Character Description
English Chinese
Roy Chiu Qin Zi Qi (秦子奇)
Ko Chia-yen Shen Hsin-jen (沈杏仁)
James Wen Yu Cheng Feng (余承風) World-famous designer
Tia Lee Zheng Kai Er (鄭凱兒) Assistant Manager (later Manager) of Merchants Department at Jing Shi Department Store
(蔡淑臻) Wei Min Na (衛敏娜) Supermodel; Yu Cheng Feng's girlfriend
(Guo Shu Yao) Liu Yu Le (劉禹樂) Xin Ren's roommate; works in the HR department at Jing Shi Department Store
(李沛旭) Shi Te Long (史特龍) Manager of Sales Department at Jing Shi Department Store

Jing Shi Department Store[edit]

Actor Character Description
Roy Chiu Qin Zi Qi (秦子奇) Reference Main Characters
Ko Chia-yen Sheng Xin Ren (沈杏仁)
James Wen Yu Cheng Feng (余承風)
Tia Lee Zheng Kai Er (鄭凱兒)
(蔡淑臻) Wei Min Na(衛敏娜)
(郭書瑤) Liu Yu Le(劉禹樂)
(李沛旭) Shi Te Long(史特龍)
(沈孟生) Qin Mu Bai (秦慕白) Chairman of Jing Shi Department Store
Zi Qi's father
(林秀君) Ye Hua (葉華) Zi Qi's mother
(陸一龍) (涂金泉) General manager of Jing Shi Department Store
(郎祖筠) Fon Ren Yue (封仁月) Vice general manager of Jing Shi Department Store "Administration Department"
(趙正平) Hu Jian Chong (胡建中) Vice general manager of Jing Shi Department Store "Investment Department"
(顏嘉樂) (褚湘蘭) Vice general manager of Jing Shi Department Store "Operation Department"
(綠茶) Lu Cha (綠茶) Xin Ren's coworker in the Sales Department at Jing Shi Department Store
(小8) Mandy (蔓蒂) Xin Ren's coworker in the Sales Department at Jing Shi Department Store

Other Characters[edit]


Office Girls
Original TV Soundtrack (OST)
Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released 21 February 2012
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Rock Records (TW)

Office Girls Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (小資女孩向前衝 電視原聲帶) was released on February 21, 2012 by various artists under Rock Records (TW) label. It contains 18 tracks total. The opening theme is track 1 "Don’t, Don’t 不要不要" by Genie Chuo 卓文萱. The closing theme is track 4 "Add A Little Happiness 微加幸福" by Yisa Yu 郁可唯.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Don’t, Don’t" (不要不要) Genie Chuo 3:34
2. "Good Friends Are Only Just" (好朋友只是朋友) Yisa Yu 4:20
3. "Petty Men Rushed Forward (OT:Add A Little Happiness)" (小資女孩向前衝 (OT:微加幸福)) Instrumental 3:04
4. "Add A Little Happiness" (微加幸福) Yisa Yu 4:40
5. "Take Two Steps Back Three Steps (OT:Don’t, Don’t)" (走兩步退三步 (OT:不要不要)) Instrumental 3:29
6. "Wanna Fly In Free Fall" (想飛的自由落體) Genie Chuo 4:36
7. "Silly (OT:Good Friends Are Only Just)" (好傻 (OT:好朋友只是朋友)) Instrumental 3:26
8. "Can’t Afford To Get Hurt" (傷不起) Yisa Yu 3:56
9. "I Promise You (OT:Wanna Fly In Free Fall)" (我答應妳 (OT:想飛的自由落體)) Instrumental 3:06
10. "Enough" (夠了) Genie Chuo 4:08
11. "White Lie (OT:Don’t, Don’t)" (善意的謊言 (OT:不要不要)) Instrumental 3:08
12. "Happiness Person (OT:Add A Little Happiness)" (杏福奇緣 (OT:微加幸福)) Instrumental 3:26
13. "Never" (永不) "Q" Wu 吳忠明 3:40
14. "I Still Love You (OT:Can’t Afford To Get Hurt)" (我還愛著你 (OT:傷不起)) Instrumental 3:11
15. "Cheers For The Friendship (OT:Enough)" (為友誼乾杯 (OT:夠了)) Instrumental 3:12
16. "Too Calm" (太冷靜) "Q" Wu 吳忠明 3:12
17. "First Date (OT:Never)" (第一次的約會 (OT:永不)) Instrumental 3:12
18. "Please Forgive My Naive (OT:Too Calm)" (請原諒我的幼稚 (OT:太冷靜)) Instrumental 3:17



Office Girls Photobook
(小資女孩向前衝 職場生存之道)
Book cover image
Author Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製
Country Taiwan
Genre Photobook
Published 21 December 2011
Media type Print paperback
Pages 128
ISBN 9789862874325

* 21 December 2011 : Office Girls Photobook (小資女孩向前衝 職場生存之道) - ISBN 9789862874325 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製 - Publisher: KADOKAWA Media (Taiwan) 台灣角川

A 128 page photobook was published in 2011 detailing production details of the drama. The book was published before the completion of the drama.[3]

* 24 September 2011 : Office Girls Original Novel (小資女孩向前衝 原創小說) - ISBN 9789862874332 - Author: Sanlih E-Television 三立電視監製 & Zhu Liang Yun Ru 著梁蘊如 - Publisher: KADOKAWA Media (Taiwan) 台灣角川

A novel based on the drama was published detailing the entire story line of the drama. Spoilers are revealed in the novel before the drama finished airing.[4]

DVD Release[edit]

* 2 February 2012 :Office Girls (Part I) (DVD) (Taiwan Version) - DVD All Region - Disc: 4 DVDs (Ep.1-12) - Publisher: Cai Chang International Multimedia Inc. (TW)

Official Taiwan version of the drama DVD set part 1 showing episode 1 to 12, comes in original Mandarin language and Chinese subtitles only.[5]

* 30 March 2012 :Office Girls (Part II) (DVD) (Taiwan Version) - DVD All Region - Disc: 5 DVDs (Ep.13-25) - Publisher: Cai Chang International Multimedia Inc. (TW)

Official Taiwan version of the drama DVD set part 2 showing episode 13 to 25, comes in original Mandarin language and Chinese subtitles only.[6]


Network Country Airing Date Timeslot
TTV  Taiwan August 21, 2011 Sunday 10:00-11:30 pm
SETTV August 27, 2011 Saturday 10:00-11:30 pm
January 7, 2012 Saturday 10:30 pm–12:00 am
ETTV October 29, 2012 Monday to Friday 11:00 pm–12:00 am
Astro Quan Jia HD  Malaysia March 9, 2012 Monday to Friday 10:30-11:30 pm
StarHub TV  Singapore October 30, 2011 Sunday 8:00-9:30 pm
December 24, 2011 Saturday 8:00-9:30 pm
TVB J2  Hong Kong February 25, 2012 February 25, 2012 7:30-9:30 pm

International broadcast[edit]

Episode ratings[edit]

Competing dramas on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:

Taiwan Television (TTV) Ratings[7]
Original Broadcast Date Episode # Episode Name Average Timeslot Rank Section Peak (every 15 mins) Remark
21 August 2011 Day 1 I earned NT$1,000,000!
2.78 1 Peak: 3.78
28 August 2011 Day 2 Slowly climbing up!
3.44 1 CTV Love Keeps Going finale
Peak: 4.56
4 September 2011 Day 3 Be careful of surprise attacks!
(人紅招忌 小心暗器!)
3.48 1 CTV Love Recipe premiere
11 September 2011 Day 4 God! Where are you?
3.72 1 FTV Hayate the Combat Butler finale
Peak: 5.23
18 September 2011 Day 5 I promise you, I will eat broccoli!
(我答應妳 我以後會吃花椰菜!)
4.16 1 FTV In Time with You premiere
Peak: 7.69
25 September 2011 Day 6 I will lend you my shoulder!
4.54 1 CTS They are Flying finale
2 October 2011 Day 7 I actually like Qin Zi Qi?
4.40 1 CTS Ring Ring Bell premiere
9 October 2011 Day 8 Kneel down and apologise, sorry!
(跪下 道歉 對不起)
4.68 1
16 October 2011 Day 9 I actually like Sheng Xing Ren?
5.17 1 Peak: 6.42
23 October 2011 Day 10 Love and Hatred
(多情 多恨 情慾的世界)
4.89 1 5.21
30 October 2011 Day 11 You belong to me, but who do I belong to?
(你是我的 那我是誰的?)
5.35 1 6.84
6 November 2011 Day 12 Do not let true love turn into regret
(不要讓真愛 變成遺憾)
5.97 1 7.58 CTV Love Recipe final
13 November 2011 Day 13 How to increase happiness in love
(怎麼在愛裡 微加幸福)
5.56 1 5.87 Peak:7.06
20 November 2011 Day 14 Congratulations, Shen Xing Ren, you won the top prize
(沈杏仁 恭喜妳中頭獎)
5.35 1 5.70
27 November 2011 Day 15 Mens' soup and ladies' soup
(男湯 女湯)
5.05 1 5.51
4 December 2011 Day 16 Are white lies okay?
5.05 1
11 December 2011 Day 17 The cutest men are the hardworking ones
4.66 2 5.29 FTV In Time with You Finale
18 December 2011 Day 18 Silly or naive
5.78 1 6.21
25 December 2011 Day 19 Don't tell me lies again!
(以後不要 再對我說謊了!)
5.28 1
1 January 2012 Day 20 I'll do something about the money!
(錢的事情 我自己想辦法!)
5.87 1 6.37
8 January 2012 Day 21 Objection overruled!
5.49 1
15 January 2012 Day 22 He's the future takeover boss!
6.50 1 7.37 Peak:8.11
No broadcast on 22 January 2012 due to Lunar New Year Eve
29 January 2012 Day 23 I just want Shen Xing Ren
6.71 1 7.19
5 February 2012 Day 24 You need luck when you meet your love
(遇到相愛的人 需要運氣)
6.48 1 7.21
12 February 2012 Day 25
I do
7.33 1 8.04 Peak:8.99
Average 5.12 - - -


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