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The Office of National Security Intelligence[1][2][3] of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) helps initiate new investigations of major drug organizations, strengthens ongoing ones and subsequent prosecutions, develops information that leads to seizures and arrests, and provides policy makers with illegal drug trade trend information upon which programmatic decisions can be based.[4] Additionally, the intelligence program is one of the federal organizations that make up the United States Intelligence Community.[5]


The specific functions of the DEA's intelligence mission are:

  • Collect and produce intelligence in support of the DEA Administrator and other federal, state, and local agencies;
  • Establish and maintain close working relationships with all agencies that produce or use narcotics intelligence;
  • Increase the efficiency in the reporting, analysis, storage, retrieval, and exchange of such information; and, undertake a continuing review of the narcotics intelligence effort to identify and correct deficiencies.[4]

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