Office of the Chief Executive

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Office of the Chief Executive
Regional Emblem of Hong Kong.svg
Emblem of the Hong Kong SAR
Agency overview
Formed1 July 1997
JurisdictionGovernment of Hong Kong
HeadquartersOffice of the Chief Executive, 1 Tim Wa Avenue, Tamar, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Agency executives
  • Edward Yau, Director of the Chief Executive's Office
  • Alice Lau, Permanent Secretary for the Chief Executive's Office

Office of the Chief Executive (Chinese: 行政長官辦公室) or CEO is one of the government agencies for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It consists of the immediate staff to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong and multiple levels of support staff reporting to the Chief Executive. The current director is Edward Yau.


Prior to the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, the Government House has always been the office location for the Governor of Hong Kong. After the transfer in 1997, the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Tung Chee Hwa choose not to reside in the Government House, which relocated the office to the Government Secretariat.

When Donald Tsang assumed office in June 2005, he decided to reside in the Government House again and initiated a multiple months length remodeling for the house. In January 2006, the office relocated back to the Government House.

Staff members[edit]


Political party:   Nonpartisan

Portrait Name Term of office Duration Chief Executive Term Ref
1 Lam Woon-kwong.JPG Lam Woon-kwong
1 July 2002 6 January 2005 2 years, 189 days Tung Chee-hwa
- Vacant
Donald Tsang
2 John Tsang 2016 5 cut.jpg John Tsang Chun-wah
24 January 2006 30 June 2007 1 year, 157 days
3 Chan Tak-Lam Norman 陳德霖.jpg Norman Chan Tak-lam
1 July 2007 31 July 2009 2 years, 30 days 3
4 Raymond Tam 2014.jpg Raymond Tam Chi-yuen
1 August 2009 29 September 2011 2 years, 59 days
5 Blanksvg.svg Gabriel Matthew Leung
30 September 2011 30 June 2012 274 days
6 Edward Yau.jpg Edward Yau Tang-wah
1 July 2012 30 June 2017 5 years, 0 days Leung Chun-ying
7 特首辦主任陳國基5.jpg Eric Chan Kwok-ki
1 July 2017 Incumbent 1 year, 284 days Carrie Lam

Deputy Director[edit]

Permanent Secretary[edit]

Information Coordinator[edit]

Information Coordinator was created by Tung Chee Hwa after the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, prior to the transfer, press release was handle by Information Services Department.

Special Assistant (defunct)[edit]

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