Deputy Chief of Staff G-1 Personnel of The United States Army

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Current Deputy Chief of Staff G-1 Personnel of the United States Army
CountryUnited States
Garrison/HQThe Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
DCS G-1 Lieutenant General (LTG) Douglas Stitt

The Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Department of the Army, United States Army, also known as the G-1 is responsible for development, management and execution of all manpower and personnel plans, programs and policies throughout the entire U.S. Army. As the principal human relations of the U.S., Army, it is dedicated to supporting and empowering soldiers, civilian employees, military families and veterans worldwide in peace or war. As such the office oversees recruiting, retention and sustainment of a high quality volunteer force through innovative and effective training programs. The primary objective of the office is to ensure readiness of its personnel to serve the needs of the Army as a whole across the full spectrum of its operations.


The Office includes in its organization:

  • Public Affairs Office
  • Management Support Office
  • Army G-1 Chief Information Office
  • Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel
  • Military Personnel Management Directorate
    • Enlisted Division
      • Professional Development Branch
      • Distribution and Readiness Branch
      • Analytical Cell
      • Training Requirements Division
      • Enlisted Accessions Division
    • Officer Division
    • Operations Division
  • Human Systems Integration Directorate (MANPRINT)
  • U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences (ARI)
  • Army Resiliency Directorate
  • Human Resources Command
  • Plans and Resources
    • Military Strength Analysis and Forecasting Division
    • Resources Division
      • Resource Development Branch
      • Program Analysis Branch
      • Compensation and Entitlements Branch
    • Plans Division
      • Operations and Analysis Branch
      • Combat Support/Services Support Branch and Combat Arms Branch
      • Concepts Integration Branch
    • Manpower Allocation Division
    • Manpower Policy, Plans, and Programs Division

List of Deputy Chiefs of Staff for Personnel[edit]

No. Deputy Chief of Staff Term
Portrait Name Took office Left office Term length
Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel (1950–1956)
Donald P. Booth
Booth, DonaldMajor General
Donald P. Booth
19551956~1 year, 0 days
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (1956–present)
Walter L. Weible
Weible, WalterLieutenant General
Walter L. Weible
19561957~1 year, 0 days
Donald P. Booth
Booth, DonaldLieutenant General
Donald P. Booth
19571958~1 year, 0 days
James F. Collins
Collins, JamesLieutenant General
James F. Collins
19581961~3 years, 0 days
Russell L. Vittrup
Vittrup, RussellLieutenant General
Russell L. Vittrup
19611963~2 years, 0 days
James L. Richardson
Richardson, JamesLieutenant General
James L. Richardson
19631965~2 years, 0 days
James K. Woolnough
Woolnough, JamesLieutenant General
James K. Woolnough
19651967~2 years, 0 days
Albert O. Connor
Connor, AlbertLieutenant General
Albert O. Connor
19671969~2 years, 0 days
Walter T. Kerwin Jr.
Kerwin, WalterLieutenant General
Walter T. Kerwin Jr.
19691972~3 years, 0 days
Bernard W. Rogers
Rogers, BernardLieutenant General
Bernard W. Rogers
19721974~2 years, 0 days
Harold G. Moore Jr.
Moore, HaroldLieutenant General
Harold G. Moore Jr.
19741977~3 years, 0 days
DeWitt C. Smith Jr.
Smith, DeWittLieutenant General
DeWitt C. Smith Jr.
19771978~1 year, 0 days
Robert G. Yerks
Yerks, RobertLieutenant General
Robert G. Yerks
19781981~3 years, 0 days
Maxwell R. Thurman
Thurman, MaxwellLieutenant General
Maxwell R. Thurman
19811983~2 years, 0 days
Robert M. Elton
Elton, RobertLieutenant General
Robert M. Elton
(born 1932)
19831987~4 years, 0 days
Allen K. Ono
Ono, AllenLieutenant General
Allen K. Ono
19871990~3 years, 0 days
William H. Reno
Reno, WilliamLieutenant General
William H. Reno
(born 1936)
19901992~2 years, 0 days
Thomas P. Carney
Carney, ThomasLieutenant General
Thomas P. Carney
19921994~2 years, 0 days
Theodore G. Stroup
Stroup, TheodoreLieutenant General
Theodore G. Stroup
(born 1940)
19941996~2 years, 0 days
Frederick E. Vollrath
Vollrath, FrederickLieutenant General
Frederick E. Vollrath
19961998~2 years, 0 days
David H. Ohle
Ohle, DavidLieutenant General
David H. Ohle
(born 1944)
21 September 1998August 2000~1 year, 315 days
Timothy J. Maude
Maude, TimothyLieutenant General
Timothy J. Maude
August 200011 September 2001 †~1 year, 41 days
John M. LeMoyne
LeMoyne, JohnLieutenant General
John M. LeMoyne
(born 1943)
October 2001October 2003~2 years, 0 days
Franklin L. Hagenbeck
Hagenbeck, FranklinLieutenant General
Franklin L. Hagenbeck
(born 1949)
~October 2003June 2006~2 years, 243 days
Michael Rochelle
Rochelle, MichaelLieutenant General
Michael Rochelle
(born 1950)
June 2006August 2009~3 years, 61 days
Gina S. Farrisee
Farrisee, GinaMajor General
Gina S. Farrisee
August 2009February 2010~184 days
Thomas P. Bostick
Bostick, ThomasLieutenant General
Thomas P. Bostick
(born 1956)
2 February 201022 May 20122 years, 110 days
Howard B. Bromberg
Bromberg, HowardLieutenant General
Howard B. Bromberg
21 July 20124 August 20142 years, 14 days
James C. McConville
McConville, JamesLieutenant General
James C. McConville
(born 1959)
4 August 201426 May 20172 years, 295 days
Thomas C. Seamands[1]
Seamands, ThomasLieutenant General
Thomas C. Seamands[1]
(born 1959)
26 May 20173 August 20203 years, 69 days
Gary M. Brito[2]
Brito, GaryLieutenant General
Gary M. Brito[2]
(born 1963/1964)
3 August 20205 August 20222 years, 2 days
Douglas F. Stitt
Stitt, DouglasLieutenant General
Douglas F. Stitt
5 August 2022Incumbent1 year, 209 days


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