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In France, the title of Official Painter of the French Air Force is granted by the French Minister of Defence to artists who have devoted their talent to aeronautics and space. It can be attributed not only to painters but also to photographers, illustrators, engravers and sculptors.

Rights and particular benefits[edit]

The title does not grant any right to compensation but provides certain benefits and special advantages:

  • opportunity to work on the facilities of the French Air Force;
  • granted painters are considered, only under the Protocol, to the rank of Captain, untitled painters to Commander;
  • The artist may attach to his signature a wing surmounted by a star, hallmark of official painters of the air and space;
  • in connection with the DRHAA - "Sub-Directorate Accompagnement" and more particularly one of the services, the "Bureau Armée de l'Air dans la Nation" (BAAN).

The official artist has a moral obligation to include in its annual production some aeronautical nature works, serving the cause and the reputation of the military and civil aviation.

Approved painters are appointed for three years by a jury headed by the General Inspector of the Armed Forces (Air).[1] The jury, under the History Department of Defense, shall submit to the Minister for Defence the list of candidates for an initial accreditation, renewal of accreditation or tenure. The jury is composed of officers of the French Air Force, entitled painters and personalities from art and / or aeronautics. To become an entitled painter, painters must have been approved over three successive periods of three years.

The maximum number of licensed painters is twenty, the number of entitled painters is not limited.


The "body of painters, engravers and sculptors of the Department of the Air" (or "Armies' painters, Air specialty") was created in 1931 by the Air Minister Jean-Louis Dumesnil.

An official meeting is held every two years and is the location and privileged manifestation of the Air Painters' artistic commitment. It takes place under the authority of the Ministry of Defence.

In 1987, the "Painters of the Air and Space" association is created to fulfill a need to independently develop links with state or private organizations with aeronautical vocation, to bring an amateur public by putting up exhibitions and uphold the moral and material interests of its members.

A traveling exhibition managed by the French armies' Information and public relations service] and a blog [1] now complete representation of the association.

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