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The Official Roll of the Baronetage is an official list of baronets compiled by the British Crown Office, a section of the Ministry of Justice, and published by the Standing Council of the Baronetage. It was first published 23 February 1914. Only those persons listed on the roll are members of the baronetage. Any person who wishes to claim succession to a baronetcy must produce the necessary proof of succession to the Secretary of State for Justice. There are many heirs to baronetcies who have not done so.[1]

There are currently a total of 1,266 baronetcies on the official roll, of which 142 are of England, 62 of Ireland, 115 of Nova Scotia, 129 of Great Britain and 818 of the United Kingdom. The roll lists every extant baronetcy in chronological order of creation; the most senior and, therefore, Premier Baronet is Sir Nicholas Bacon, 14th Baronet of Redgrave whose title was created in 1611.

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