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Officina Stellare S.r.l.
S.r.l (Società a responsabilità limitata): ≈ Ltd. (UK), LLC (US)
Industry Optical instruments
Founded 2009
Headquarters Thiene, Italy
Products Telescopes
Website Officina Stellare website

Officina Stellare is an Italian manufacturer specialized in professional telescopes for aerospace, research and astroimaging.


The headquarters of the company are in Sarcedo (near Vicenza) where R&D, engineering, manufacturing and quality control takes place. The optics workshop is in Occhiobello (near Ferrara).
The logo of OFFICINA STELLARE has its roots in the origin of observational astronomy. The star is a graphic evolution of the original star in the Pleiades originally drawn by Galileo in the Sidereus Nuncius (1610). Those drawings were a revolution in the history of science and astronomy.[1] The red color of the logo is the Hydrogen Alpha line color.


The range of optical systems includes: Ritchey Chrétien, Aplanatic Ritchey Chrétien, Ultra Corrected Ritchey Chrétien, Riccardi Dall-Kirkham, Riccardi-Honders, Maksutov Cassegrain, Apochromatic Refractors, custom design optics.

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