Officio sanctissimo

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Officio sanctissimo
Latin for 'The Holiest Office (or Duty)'
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII
Coat of arms of Pope Leo XIII
Signature date 22 December 1887
SubjectOn the Church in Bavaria
Number23 of 85 of the pontificate
Quod anniversarius →

Officio sanctissimo, subtitled "On The Church in Bavaria", was a papal encyclical published by Pope Leo XIII in 1887. It recalled the continuous history of Catholicism in Bavaria;[1] and praised the people's resistance to the Kulturkampf.[2] It also condemned Freemasonry, calling it a "sect of darkness."[3]

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  2. ^ "as Our predecessor, Pius IX., in his most loving letters addressed to the Bishops of Bavaria, (Litt. Nihil Nobis gratius, 20 Feb. 1851) praised in the highest manner the great earnestness they displayed in preserving the sacred rights of the Church, so We also freely and openly give well-deserved praise to each one of those who have bravely undertaken and carried out the defense of their ancestral faith." paragraphs 4, Officio Sanctissimo
  3. ^ "It is likewise a matter of extreme importance, Venerable Brethren, that you should warn and guard your flocks against the dangers arising from the contagion of Freemasonry. We have in a special Encyclical Letter shown how full of evil and danger to the State is this sect of darkness, and We have pointed out means to contract and destroy its influence." Paragraph 12, Officio sanctissimo

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