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Directed by Didi Danquart
Produced by Philippe Avril, Andi Huber, Alfred Hurmer, Boris Michalski, Cristian Mungui, Wernfried Natter, Ada Solomon
Written by Didi Danquart, Cristi Puiu, Razvan Radulescu
Starring Alexandra Maria Lara, Felix Klare, Răzvan Vasilescu
Edited by Nico Hain
Release date
  • 2 November 2006 (2006-11-02)
Country Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland
Language Romanian, German

Offset is a 2006 drama film directed and written by Didi Danquart. It was filmed in Bucharest.


The plot focuses on the lives of the soon to be married Stefan (Felix Klare), a German working in Romania for a wealthy and eccentric printing company owner, Nicu Iorga (Răzvan Vasilescu) and his soon-to-be bride Brindusa (Alexandra Maria Lara), who is Nicu's secretary. Life seems great for both of them, despite the eminent long affair that Nicu had with Brindusa. All the preparations are made for the wedding, Stefan's family arrives, and the soon-to-be bride and groom buy their wedding attire. A newly arrived German (who was set to replace Stefan at the printing company due to a fight with Nicu) Peter Gross (Bruno Cathomas) is invited to the wedding after he becomes friends with both Stefan and Brindusa. Nicu, armed with a gun (and accompanied by several henchmen), crashes the wedding ceremony and threatens everyone present, including Stefan's father Ernst (Manfred Zapatka) and Brindusa's father Mr. Hergehelegiu. He even punches Peter in the nose, after which he shoots himself and is taken to the hospital. At the hospital, Brindusa tells Stefan that he should go to Germany to pursue a better life, revealing to him that she still has feelings for Nicu. Although it is not stated in the movie, it is assumed Nicu survives the gunshot. The film ends with an enraged Stefan asking Peter about his nose just outside the hospital, after which they go down the road.



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