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539 Assault Squadron performing a beach assault MOD 45159524.jpg
Royal Marine Offshore Raiding Craft
Class overview
BuildersHolyhead Marine Services
General characteristics
TypeFast Assault Craft
DisplacementLight Load 4760 kg inc fuel & 2 crew & armour, Full load 6000 kg
DraughtLight 0.56 m, Loaded 0.69 m
PropulsionTwin Steyr M0256K43 high speed diesel engines each developing 250Hp/184Kw at 4300rpm.
SpeedLight load 39 knots, Full load 32 knots
RangeIn excess of 200 nautical miles (370 km)
Complement12 Royal Marines (1 driver, 3 gunners, 8 fully equipped troops)
ArmamentFwd; single or twin GPMG. Aft 2 off; .50 cal, GPMG or 40mm grenade launchers, Gau mini gun
ArmourDynema ballistic protection to defeat 7.62mm x 39 Ball at 20m. (optional)
Royal Marines Offshore Raiding Craft during exercise Corsican Lion in 2012. Note the two ORCs -top and bottom right- fitted with armour.

The Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC) is a small, fast boat used by the Royal Marines for troop insertion, and patrols.[1] The ORC is primarily used when undertaking strategic raiding missions, where speed and covertness is desired.[according to whom?] However, it is equally capable when conducting larger scale amphibious operations alongside the larger and more traditional LCACs, LCUs and LCVPs.[according to whom?] [2]

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