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Ofir Resources Ltd.
Industry Mining
Headquarters Jersey
Products Gold

Ofir Resources Ltd. is a mining company operating mainly in Africa in the development of natural resources. Its expertise ranges from diamonds to gold, coltan and rutile. It currently operates or holds assets in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.


Established in Jersey, it is the leading company for the Metals and Minerals branch of the Swiss-based holding company Otsara AG. Ofir Resources' focus has shifted from exploration to production and currently holds, directly or indirectly, significant interests in the production of gold, diamonds, coltan, timber and rutile in Africa.


Ofir Resources currently has operations in five African countries. Ofir also still holds exploration rights for gold and diamond in Bas-Congo and Équateur provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo.[1]

Democratic Republic of Congo[edit]

In 2009, Ofir commissioned gold and diamond mining sites in the Bavu and Lombe basins, near Lukula and Seke Banza in Bas-Congo province.[1]

Gold and diamonds are also produced in the provinces of Équateur and Maniema.

In Dondo and Kotakoli, near Gbadolite in the Nord-Ubangi District[2]

In Businga, near Gemena in the Sud-Ubangi District[2]

In Lubutu district in Maniema.[3]


As of April 2010, Ofir owns two mines producing coltan in Nyarudende and Gakana in the Kirundo Province,[4] with an annual starting capacity of about 10 metric tons.[5]

Central African Republic[edit]

Ofir commissioned two mining sites in Mbaiki and Boda for alluvial diamonds.

Sierra Leone and Liberia[edit]

Located in Mano in the Kailahun District in Sierra Leone, diamonds produced by Ofir in the country are said to be exported via Monrovia in Liberia where the company is involved in timber and forest industry in the northwest of the country.

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