Oflag XII-B

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Oflag XII-B
Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate
Mainzer Zitadelle
Mainzer Zitadelle, 2005
Oflag XII-B is located in Germany
Oflag XII-B
Oflag XII-B
Coordinates 49°59′36″N 8°16′27″E / 49.99344°N 8.27422°E / 49.99344; 8.27422
Type Prisoner-of-war camp
Site information
Controlled by  Nazi Germany
Site history
In use 1940 – 1942

Oflag XII-B was a German World War II prisoner-of-war camp for officers (Offizierlager) located in the citadel of Mainz, in western Germany. The fortress had also served as an Oflag in World War I.

Camp history[edit]

In June 1940 British, Belgian, Dutch and French senior officers and a small number of orderlies were transported to Mainz from transit camps in France and Belgium after the end of the Battle of France. In June 1942, all inmates were transferred to Oflag XII-A in Hadamar, near Limburg, which was then renumbered Oflag XII-B.

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