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Developer(s) SQLFusion
Stable release
0.6 / September 15, 2010
Operating system web browser)
Type Workflow Management software
License AGPL[1]
Website ofuz.com

Ofuz is a contact management, task-management, time-tracking, and invoicing software product from SQLFusion. The software was released as a public beta on October 11, 2009. Among other features, Ofuz 0.5.8 provides the ability to manage multiple aspects of projects such as contacts, tasks, time, and invoices.


Ofuz contains the following features:

  • Contact management
    • Contact import from Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter
    • Private file and note sharing portal for contacts
    • Web forms which individuals can use to add a contact
    • Contact tagging
  • Task management
    • Task prioritization, categorization, discussion and notifications
    • Time tracking for tasks
    • Timesheet reports
    • Email and web interface task creation
  • Project management for multiple projects
  • Online invoicing
    • Payment accepted through PayPal or Authorize.net
    • Export time reports to invoices
  • Group email features
    • Mail-merge features with CANSPAM unsubscribe integration
    • Auto Responder feature

In a March 24, 2010 evaluation of Ofuz 0.5, usefultools, a web magazine that rates and reviews software tools and applications, found that the product does have "some limitations" but also found that "Ofuz has lots of powerful features."


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