Ogasawara Tadazane

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In this Japanese name, the family name is Ogasawara.

Ogasawara Tadazane (小笠原 忠真?, March 26, 1596 – December 3, 1667) was a Japanese samurai daimyō of the early Edo Period.

Early life[edit]

Tadazane was the son of Ogasawara Hidemasa (1569–1615).[1]


Following the deaths of his father and elder brother in the Osaka Summer Campaign, his holdings were transferred from Akashi Domain (100,000 koku) in Harima Province to the Kokura domain (150,000 koku) Buzen Province.[citation needed]

Famed as the lord who employed Miyamoto Musashi's adopted son Iori, Tadazane took part in the Shogunate's campaign to quell the Shimabara Rebellion, where the Kokura forces assisted in the execution of survivors of the rebel force, predominantly Christians.[citation needed]

Tadazane's son Tadataka succeeded him. Other children included Nagayasu, Naganobu, Sanekata, and three daughters (one of them adopted from the Hachisuka clan of Tokushima-han).[citation needed]

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The emblem (mon) of the Ogasawara clan
  1. ^ Trumbull, Stephen. Samurai Heraldry, p. 61.
Preceded by
Ogasawara Hidemasa
Lord of Matsushiro
Succeeded by
Matsudaira Yasunaga
Preceded by
Lord of Akashi
Succeeded by
Matsudaira Tsunenao
Preceded by
Hosokawa Tadatoshi
Lord of Kokura
Succeeded by
Ogasawara Tadakatsu