Ogdensburg Free Academy

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Ogdensburg Free Academy
1100 State Street
Ogdensburg, New York
Northern New York
The Beautiful Ogdensburg, New York, Saint Lawrence County 13669
United States
School type Public high school
Status Open
School district Ogdensburg City School District
Superintendent Mr. Timothy Vernsey
Principal Mrs. Cynthia Tuttle (9–12), Mrs. Pamela Luckie(7–8)
Grades 7–12
Age range 12–18
Enrollment over 700
Average class size 18–25
Language English
Hours in school day 7
School colour(s) Royal Blue and White
Mascot The Blue Devil
Nickname OFA
Team name Blue Devils
Yearbook The Devilog

Ogdensburg Free Academy is a public high school in northern New York State. It consists of around 750 or more students in the 7th through 12th grade. The famous Golden Dome is located on State Street and attracts residents from across the North Country. Ogdensburg Free Adademy is home to the Van Dusen track meet, one of the oldest sporting events in New York history. Every year, the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club of America hosts an 'Expo' where companies (such as the local church or car selling company) can get the most advertisement. Also there are performances (such as the local dance studio or choir) in the Golden Dome.

Pete Gogolak, the first soccer-style placekicker in American professional football, and his younger brother Charlie, who also became a professional football placekicker, both attended Ogdensburg Free Academy and played their first football games there.