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Oghara is a town in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.It is one of the major clans of the Urhobo ethnic group. It has various educational Institutions such as the Oghareki Model Secondary School Oghareki, Ogini Grammar school, Ogharefe secondary school -oghara-junction Delta State Polytechnic in Otefe-Oghara and the Western Delta University (a privately owned university).The Nigeria Naval Logistic Headquarters is located in Oghara. There is also a mini stadium located within the town. The Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH) is located in Oghara and it is the only tertiary health institution in Delta State, Nigeria (www.delsuth.com.ng). Oghara is made up of three sub clans, Ogharefe, Ovade and Oghareki governed by a chieftaincy system with the Ovie of Oghara as the King. The first layer of Oghara is Chief A. O. M. Takpor who studied Law in United Kingdom. It is the home to the popular families such as the Takpor family of Oghareki, Otubu royal family of Oghareki, Abutoh royal family from Adagboyerin/Ogharefe, Umukoro royal family from Oghareki,Ibori family from Otefe, Omokaro family from Ijomi, Oghene family from Otefe, Gabari family from Oghara Edjemouyanvwe, Oboba family from Edjemouyanvwe, Ejoh family from Ogharafe, Etsemitan/Eshemitan family of Ogharaefe, Atumah family from Otefe,The Enaigbe family from Ebiugwherin, The Ologbo family from Ijomi and Abunumah family from Edjemouyanvwe, Ogharefe, The Ogueh family from Edjemueyavwi Ogharefe, Agoh family from Oghareki, Onayifeke family from Oghareki, Akomire family from Otumara, Ofotokun family from Oghareki, Okitikpe family from ovade, Uneh family from Oghareki the edoka family from otumara and the Ukutegbe family from Oghareki/Edjemuanyavwe The Oghara people are well known for their straight forwardness and hospitality. The major occupation of the oghara people is farming and the land is rich in Agricultural produce such as Palm Oil, Rubber, Cassava, and Plantain. the local government secretariat is located at Ogharefe. Oghara play host to different oil and gas companies: Pan Ocean has its flow station at Ovade in Oghara. Presently there are about 10 Petroleum depots in Oghara.

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Coordinates: 5°35′20″N 6°6′1″E / 5.58889°N 6.10028°E / 5.58889; 6.10028 It also have the biggest ward so far. Why the family that make Oghara include the Oboba family also.