Ogilvie Mountains

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Ogilvie Mountains
2015-08-25 Tombstone Territorial Park 1795.jpg
Highest point
PeakMount Frank Rae
Elevation2,362 m (7,749 ft)
Range coordinates64°22′N 137°16′W / 64.367°N 137.267°W / 64.367; -137.267Coordinates: 64°22′N 137°16′W / 64.367°N 137.267°W / 64.367; -137.267
Parent rangeYukon Ranges

The Ogilvie Mountains are a mountain range in the Yukon Territory of northwestern Canada.

Geologically they are part of the Yukon Ranges, in the upper Laramide Belt of the North American Cordillera.


The range lies north of Dawson City, and is crossed by the Dempster Highway.

The area was first surveyed by William Ogilvie and the range subsequently named after him.



The best known mountain peaks of the Ogilvie Mountains are located within Tombstone Territorial Park .[1]

The highest mountain within the range is Mount Frank Rae, at 2,362 m (7,749 ft) in elevation.

The range's most familiar mountains, with their jagged granite peaks, are:[2]

  • Tombstone Mountain
  • Mount Monolith
Mount Monolith as seen at dawn, from Divide Lake in Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon, Canada
Mount Monolith of the Ogilvie Mountains, seen at dawn from Divide Lake, in Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada.


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