Ogive of Luxembourg

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Ogive of Luxembourg
Ogive of Luxembourg.jpg
Countess Consort of Flanders
Reign 1012-1030
Predecessor Rozala of Italy
Successor Eleanor of Normandy
Born 995
Died 21 February, 1030 (age 35-36)
Burial Saint Peter's Abbey, Ghent
Spouse Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders
Issue Baldwin V, Count of Flanders
House Luxembourg
Father Frederick of Luxembourg
Mother Irmtrud of Wetterau

Ogive of Luxembourg (aka Ogiva or Otgiva) was a member of the House of Luxembourg and Countess of Flanders.[1]


Ogive was born to Frederick of Luxembourg and his wife Irmtrud of Wetterau. Her probable birth date of 995 makes it likely that she was one of Frederick's eldest children.[1]

Ogive married Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders, who sought to strengthen his connection to the royal house by marrying this niece of Queen Cunigunde of Germany. Ogive had a son in 1012, also called Baldwin.[1]

She died in 1030 and was buried at Saint Peter's Abbey, Ghent.


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