Ogle Stadium

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Ogle Stadium
Main entrance to the home side of the stadium
Former names Decatur Stadium (1949–N/A)
Location Decatur, Alabama
Coordinates 34°35′32″N 86°58′29″W / 34.5922°N 86.9746°W / 34.5922; -86.9746Coordinates: 34°35′32″N 86°58′29″W / 34.5922°N 86.9746°W / 34.5922; -86.9746
Owner Decatur City Schools
Operator Decatur High School
Austin High School
Capacity Official: 9,000
Record: 11,000
Opened 1949
Riverview High School (1949–1953)
Decatur Red Raiders (1954–present)
Austin Black Bears (1962–present)

Ogle Stadium is a 9,000-seat stadium in Decatur, Alabama, located on the southern end of Decatur High School's campus, and is owned by the Decatur City Schools.[1] Home to Decatur High School.

Prior to 1949, the Decatur football team played at the 3,000-person capacity Benson Field that is now a part of Rhodes Ferry Park along the shores of the Tennessee River next to the old Riverview High School.

The stadium is named after former coach, and Alabama Sports Hall of Famer, H. L. "Shorty" Ogle, who led the Red Raiders from 1933 to 1963.

Both of the high schools in Decatur play their home games in the stadium. The one exception is the Decatur vs. Austin game. In that case, one team sits on the away side while the other occupies the home side. The schools alternate each year. This football game usually sells out the stadium, and brings in crowds of over 10,000 to watch the city's major rivalry.


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