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Oglio Records
Parent company Oglio Entertainment
Founded 1993[1]
Distributor(s) INgrooves Distribution
Genre Rock, new wave
Country of origin Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Official website oglio.com

Oglio Records is an American record company started in 1993 by Carl Caprioglio. They are well known for issuing compilations of rare 1980's modern rock and new wave songs, many of which were previously unreleased on CD. In addition to releasing new material by artists such as BigBang, Nerf Herder and Wesley Willis,[2] the label has also re-released albums by artists such as Brian Wilson and Barnes & Barnes. Oglio Entertainment also releases comedy CDs by comedians such as Jackie Martling and George Lopez.


The founder of Oglio Records, Carl Caprioglio, has stated that as a youth he was influenced by both the rock playing on Los Angeles radio stations KMET and KLOS and the modern rock of KROQ. He also listened heavily to new wave music. In 1984 he and a friend began to disc jockey at dances and parties in California, eventually forming a DJ business with a variety of other DJs. After he filled in for a friend at a gig with the KROQ DJ, Caprioglio's business began supplying light sound equipment to KROQ, as well as Power 106.[3]

In 1992 Caprioglio released his first compilation album,[3] which was titled Flashback! New Wave Classics.[2] In 1993 he left his DJ business to found Oglio Records, which quickly gained a reputation for compilations of rare 1980s modern rock releases. At the time music reissues on CD were a burgeoning field, and Oglio Records successfully competed with larger labels.[3] The label also began releasing re-issues of complete albums by bands such as King, Sparks, the Red Rockers, and Wire Train. Other compilations included Flashback Cafe (1994), Punk University Vol. 2 (1995), and Straight Outta Cleveland (1995). In 1995 the label released the compilation The Edge of Christmas, which included Christmas songs by Pat Benatar, The Pretenders, David Bowie and Bing Crosby, The Ramones, The Pogues and others. Oglio Records quickly began releasing original albums as well, such as the 1996 album Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die by Wesley Willis.[2] In 1998 Oglio Entertainment was included by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America.[4] They are also re-issuing the catalog for the classic Television's Greatest Hits.


Oglio Records is now an imprint of Oglio Entertainment, which is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.[1] Oglio Entertainment has different divisions for comedy, rap, rock, kids, holiday, and video, with Oglio Records handling rock and reissues. The sub-division Glue Factory Records handles alternative rock, and DMAFT Records handles rap and hip-hop.[1] The label continues to be known for preserving and re-issuing new wave music of that late 1970s and early 1980s, especially tracks which had previously been unavailable on CD.[2] It distributes in the United States and Canada through INgrooves. The label also works with Planetworks/MVD.[1]




Release history[edit]

Year No. Artist Title
1992 S2157944 Various Flashback! New Wave Classics
1994 S2117513 Various Richard Blades Flashback Favorites Vol. 4
1994 OGL81565 Bikini Wax Killer Pussy
OGL81565 Various The Obscurity File
OGL81566 Freur Doot-Doot
OGL81567 King Steps in Time
OGL81568 Various Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites Vol. 5
OGL81569 Various Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites Vol. 6
1995 OGL81572 Various Punk University Vol. 2
OGL81573 Various Straight Outta Cleveland
1994 OGL81574 Various Flashback Cafe Vol. 1
1995 OGL81575 Various Flashback Cafe Vol. 2
OGL81576 Red Rockers "Good as Gold/Schizophrenic Circus"
OGL81577 Wire Train In A Chamber / Between Two Words
1995 OGL81581 20/20 "20/20 / Look Out!"
1995 OGL81583 Various Hit That Perfect Beat! Vol. 1
OGL81584 Various Hit That Perfect Beat! Vol. 2
OGL81585 Various (Pat Benatar, The Pretenders, David Bowie and Bing Crosby, The Ramones, The Pogues, etc.) The Edge of Christmas
1995 OGL89100 20/20 4 Day Tornado
1995 OGL85001 David Bowie and Bing Crosby "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy"
1996 OGL81586 Wesley Willis Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die
1997 OGL81588 Men Without Hats Rhythm of Youth / Folk of the 80s (Part III)
1998 OGL81594 Peter Godwin Images of Heaven: the Best of Peter Godwin
1997 OGL81595 Barnes and Barnes Spazchow
1997 OGL89103 Various (Motörhead, Sublime, etc.) Tromeo and Juliet soundtrack
OGL89105 Unknown Sex-O-Rama
1998 OGL8502 Peter Godwin and Sasha Rendezvous
1998 OGL89107 Various Psycho Sisters soundtrack
OGL89108 Unknown Sex-O-Rama 2
OGL89109 Sparks Plagiarism
1998 OGL85003 Sparks No. 1 in Heaven
1998 OGL81600 Sparks Terminal Jive
OGL81601 Sparks Whomp That Sucker
OGL81602 Sparks Angst in My Pants
OGL81603 Sparks In Outer Space
OGL81604 Sparks Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat
1999 OGL81605 Sparks 12" Mixes
OGL89110 Evil Genius Orchestra Cocktails from the Cantina (Star Wars covers in lounge style)
2001 OGL84001 Sparks Live in London
2000 OGL81606 Barnes and Barnes Yeah: The Essential Barnes and Barnes
2005 OGL81611 Shonen Knife 712
2000 OGL82008 Margo Guryan Take a Picture
2000 OGL89119 Sparks Balls
OGL89121 Richard Cheese Lounge Against the Machine
2001 OGL82012 Brian Wilson Live at the Roxy Theatre
OGL82013 Margo Guryan 25 Demos
2001 OGL89124 George Lopez Right Now Right Now
2002 OGL89128 Jaymz Bee and the Deep Lounge Coalition Sub Urban
OGL89129 Dan Castellaneta I Am Not Homer
2002 OGL82014 Anna Waronker Anna
OGL82015 Cyndi Lauper Shine
OGL82016 Redd Kross Neurotica
2003 OGL82019 Cyndi Lauper Shine (Remixes)
OGL82024 Boo Yaa Tribe West Koasta Nostra
OGL82025 Red Peters I Laughed, I Cried, I Fudged my Undies
OGL82026 Red Peters Ol' Blue Balls is Back
2004 OGL82029 The Muffs Really Really Happy
2005 OGL82030 The Plimsouls One Night in America - Live!
2006 OGL89138 Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman The Happy Electropop Music Machine!
2007 OGL82032 Naked Eyes Fumbling With The Covers
2008 OGL89145 Nerf Herder Nerf Herder IV
2008 OGL82035 BigBang From Acid to Zen
2009 OGL82037 Bigband Edendale
2010 OGL82040 Rob Schneider Registered Offender
1998 Jackie Martling Hot Dogs + Donuts [2]


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