Ogre You Asshole

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Ogre You Asshole
Origin Nagano, Japan
Genres Indie rock
Alternative rock
Post punk
Psychedelic rock
Years active 2001–present
Labels VAP 2009-Present
OYA 2001-Present
Website Official Website
Members Manabu Deto
Kei Mabuchi
Takashi Katsuura
Takashi Shimizu
Past members Norihito Hiraide
Arata Nishi

Ogre You Asshole is a Japanese rock band formed in Nagano, taking influences from Modest Mouse, Fugazi, Talking Heads, and Can. They were signed to major label VAP in 2009 and have been praised by the notable guitarist Johnny Marr.[1]


Manabu and his elder brother covered Nirvana and Beck songs with original drummer Arata Nishi in the nineties under the name "Joy Division".[2] Manabu's brother left, but he was joined by childhood friend Norihito Hiraide and highschool classmate Kei Mabuchi.[3] Nishi then left due to health reasons and was replaced by Takashi Katsuura. They produced their first demo in 2004 and went on to support many notable domestic and international bands including Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Foo Fighters, Art School, The Dresden Dolls and their biggest influence Modest Mouse.[4]

When asked what he attributes their success to, Manabu answered, "I'm not sure. I guess it is because of our name". However, notable fan Johnny Marr said in an interview "I would love to play with Ogre You Asshole. I love 'em. They're not afraid to be poppy. Some guitar bands just don't have the nerve to be poppy and second-guess themselves, you know".[5]

The band was signed to major label VAP in 2009 after releasing their previous work on their independent label OYA. Their major debut single 'Pinhole' was also featured on Nano-Mugen Compilation 2009 and as an ending theme to the anime Sōten Kōro. Their first album on the label 'Foglamp' also included a DVD with the music videos of 'Pinhole' and 'Headlight'.

Origin of name[edit]

The name originated when original drummer Arata Nishi saw Modest Mouse bassist Eric Judy on the street near the Hot Lab live house after a gig in Matsumoto during their Japan tour in May 2001. He asked Judy, who was drunk, to name their band. He replied 'I can't' before writing 'Ogre You Asshole' on Nishi's arm.

They were unaware of the exact meaning until American Analog Set told them that the name is actually from a line in the movie Revenge of the Nerds. This resulted in the group setting out to watch the 1984 American comedy and its three sequels, who then paid homage to it with their second album 'AlphaBeta vs. Lambda'.

They shared the tale with Judy in April 2008 when they opened Modest Mouse's show at Tokyo's Duo Music Exchange, but he had no recollection of the encounter.

Current members[edit]

  • Manabu Deto (出戸 学, Deto Manabu?)vocals, guitar
  • Kei Mabuchi (馬渕 啓, Mabuchi Kei?)guitar
  • Takashi Katsuura (勝浦 隆嗣, Katsuura Takashi?)drums
  • Takashi Shimizu (清水隆史, Katsuura Shimizu?)bass

Former Members[edit]

  • Arata Nishi (西 新太, Nishi Arata?)drums
The original drummer of the group, who left for medical reasons, now provides artwork for their CD covers.
  • Norihito Hiraide (平出 規人, Hiraide Norohito?)bass



Ogre You Asshole
Studio album by Ogre You Asshole
Released 2005
Genre Indie rock
Length 34:23
Ogre You Asshole chronology
Ogre You Asshole
Heiken wa Sayuu Gyaku no Kitai
Title Released Peak chart positions
OGRE YOU ASSHOLE 7 December 2005
Alphabeta vs. Lambda (アルファベータ vs. ラムダ?) 3 October 2007 Oricon: 134
Foglamp (フォグランプ?) 7 October 2009 Oricon: 35
homely 24 August 2011 Oricon: 45
100-nengo (100年後?) 19 September 2012 Oricon: 47
confidential 20 February 2013 Oricon: 105
Papercraft (ペーパークラフト?) 15 October 2014 Oricon: 23

Ogre You Asshole[edit]

Ogre You Asshole is the first full-length studio album by Ogre You Asshole. It was released independently on December 7, 2005.[6] Tracks 4 and 7 are taken from their first demo, while track 3 was released before the album as a single.

Track listing

  1. Mata Ashita (また明日, Until Tomorrow?)
  2. Yuurei (ユーレイ, Ghost?)
  3. Tanishi (タニシ, Pond Snail?)
  4. Kaisentou (カイセントウ?)
  5. Kapo (カポ, Capo?)
  6. Docchika no Kado (どっちかの角, Which Corner?)
  7. Lobotomy (ロボトミー, Robotomī?)
  8. J.N

Mini Albums[edit]

Ukarete Iru Hito
OgreYA Hito.jpg
EP by Ogre You Asshole
Released 2010
Genre Indie rock
Ogre You Asshole chronology
Ukarete Iru Hito

Ukarete iru hito's track listing:

  1. Balance (バランス, Baransu?)
  2. Tankatīra (タンカティーラ?)
  3. Dochira ni Shiro (どちらにしろ, Which Shall we do?)
  4. Race no Course (レースのコース, Race Course?)
  5. Mannaka de (真ん中で, At the True Center?)


Single by Ogre You Asshole
Released 2009
Genre Indie rock
Length 15:31
Ogre You Asshole singles chronology
Shiranai Aizu Shiraseru Ko

Pinhole's track listing:

  1. Pinhole (ピンホール, Pinhōru?)
  2. Necktie (ネクタイ, Nekutai?)
  3. Boat (ボート, Bōto?)


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