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Entrance to Oguruma Stable

Oguruma stable (尾車部屋, Oguruma-beya) is a stable of sumo wrestlers, one of the Nishonoseki group of stables. In its modern form it dates from 1987 when it was founded by Kotokaze, a former Sadogatake stable wrestler. The first wrestler from the stable to achieve sekitori status was Tomikaze in July 2000. The stable absorbed Oshiogawa stable in 2005 ahead of the retirement of Oshiogawa-oyakata, with Wakakirin and Wakatoba among the wrestlers transferring over. As of January 2018, it has 17 wrestlers.

Ring name conventions[edit]

Almost all wrestlers at this stable take ring names or shikona that end with the character 風 (read: kaze), in deference to their coach and the stable's owner, the former Kotokaze.


Notable active wrestlers[edit]



  • Rokurō (jūryō yobidashi, real name Kenzō Araki)


Location and access[edit]

Tokyo, Edogawa ward, Kiyosumi 2-15-5
3 minutes from Kiyosumi-shirakawa Station on the Toei Ōedo Line and Hanzōmon Line

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