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Oguta is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°42′42″N 6°48′34″E / 5.71167°N 6.80944°E / 5.71167; 6.80944
Country Nigeria
StateImo State
 • Total20,096
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)
 • Summer (DST)not observed

"Oguta" which is fondly called "Oguta-Ameshi" or "Ameshi"- by its aborigines, indigenes - is a beautiful island town, with two parts, the Old Part which holds the 27 Villages of Oguta, and the New Part, Called the "Oguta New Layout", which is till date arguably the best planned part of Nigeria, better in terms of roads and accessibility, than any other place part of Africa or other continents of the world, as far as roads and streets networks are concerned. Oguta New Layout, as a rule, in strict compliance with its original master plan, is so well so planned that it has a street after every two houses on every one side that follows the sequence through to the end of the road or street, while on the other side there is a street or road on the other side, after every five houses or five consecutive plots on the adjacent street or road, and the sequence follows on after another five houses on plots of equal sizes, through to the end of the street or road. Where could there be found a better layout than that of Oguta in Nigeria or elsewhere abroad? What a beautiful tourist heaven with its golf courses, boat-rides and cruises, good hotels with varieties of cuisines, different colorful entertaining festivals including yearly traditional cultural fests with which Oguta people are originally known for, each or all worthwhile experience to watch or participate in! Oguta Town by location is beautifully embedded, between Oguta Lake on the eastern side, and Obana River that joined Okposha River, on the western side. Leaving only the Egwe Gateway as the only dry land route into Oguta without passing through water or a bridge. The magnificence of Ogbuide or Oguta Lake one of which reasons Oguta is a famous tourist destination, makes most people including natives to have the preponderance to describe Oguta Town more often - as being located on the east bank of Oguta Lake. However, more or less describing Oguta's location in general terms that would best be understood by majority of people from other parts of Nigeria and vaster world, it is correct to say, that, Oguta is the Unique Lake Town of Imo State. Oguta's many high-yield oil and gas fields make Oguta a very important territory and geographic area when economically vital, oil-producing territories of Imo State or Nigeria which hosting many multinational oil companies like AGIP, SHELL, SHEVRON, among others are carrying out present. Some times Oguta is used as a synonym for Oguta Local Government Area, Oguta LGA, which has Oguta as the salient its headquarters. Oguta LGA is one of the twenty seven Local Government Areas that make up the Imo State. In turn, the state, Imo State is one of the five states that make up The South-East geopolitical Region, which is one of the six Geopolitical Regions that make up The Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nigeria. Oguta itself is made up of 27 villages. With its Oguide Lake and Urashi River bestowing her peculiar advantages, Oguta was one of the chosen endowed territories that the British through the instrumentality of the Royal Niger Company, UAC, and then the British Colonial Government used and exploited diversely. Thanks to its strategic all-important waterways, good oil and gas, good palm produce, agricultural products, natural resources, Oguta was one of the oldest trade and administrative Centres in Nigeria with attendant implications. Connected to River Niger, Oguta waterways were used by the British and later Nigerian Government Forces during the Nigeria - Biafra Civil War as routes through which to access and connect to the adjoining towns, villages and other settlement types nearer and further from Oguta, that were and remain principally peopled by other Ethnic Igbo people the Mgbidi, Orlu, Awo-Omamma, Nkwerre, Owerri, Okigwe, Umuahia, Aba/Ngwa people, among others, who are substantial parts of the Eastern Nigerian population in the hinterland, collectively called "The Igbos", Igbo. Given that many people from Oguta are well educated and ascendant since time immemorial, they made and make part of the Regional, Federal and/or State Civil Services, hence they live and work in other towns and bigger cities across the length and breadth of Nigeria, whereas a good number of Oguta people and their families reside overseas in The USA, Canada, United Kingdom, other countries of the world, it explains the not quite accurate statistics in some public records like the one purporting that, as of 2012, that Oguta's population was estimated at 20,096.[1] Originally, the people of Oguta (pronounced Ugwuta)

Location and territory[edit]

Oguta is located in Imo State of Nigeria, and shares boundaries with Anambra, Delta and Rivers States. It lies within the Lower Niger drainage basin. Oguta is the headquarters of the Oguta Local Government Area and is one of the four crude oil producing Local Governments in Imo State.


Oguta is a socio-geographic community town with a surface area of approximately 2,025.75 square kilometers. Oguta LGA itself comprises 27 villages. The Omereife festival (new yam ) – performed between July, August – September by, Mgbele, Nkwesi, Nneukwu, Osu Obodo Eziorsu, Oguta Egbuoma and Egwe communities. Okorosha festival (new year festival) – performed August and September by, Agwa, Awa, Awo-Omamma, Izombe, Akabo and Ejemekuru lake.[2]


Climate data for Oguta
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 32.5
Average low °C (°F) 21
Average precipitation mm (inches) 18
Source: Weatherbase[3]


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Coordinates: 5°42′42″N 6°48′34″E / 5.71167°N 6.80944°E / 5.71167; 6.80944