Ohé en Laak

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Ohé en Laak
Location of Ohé en Laak
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Maasgouw
Population (1 January 2006) 880

Ohé en Laak is a small village in the province of Limburg, Netherlands, which has been subsumed into the municipality of Maasgouw. The village used to be home to several castles, one of which is Hasseltholt which is popularly called "Het Geudje". The other was the castle of Walburg. This castle was ruined and is fully removed now. The soccer team is called Walburgia. Furthermore, there is a renovated windmill called "De Hompesche molen". In the past this windmill was used for milling wheat and corn flower. The village of Ohé en Laak has got a nice yacht harbour at the river Maas and currently there are three campsites. The majority of the inhabitants are Roman Catholics, there is a church called "Onze Lieve Vrouw Geboorte" and a chapel called "Sint Anna-kapel".

In recent times the bridge, connecting the township of Echt and Ohé en Laak has been renovated to allow for more modern, taller ships to pass. Because of the presence of gravel in the bottom many hectares were dredged during the last decades. The environment will be renovated between 2007 and 2010.


Coordinates: 51°06′43″N 5°49′58″E / 51.11194°N 5.83278°E / 51.11194; 5.83278