Oh, Men! Oh, Women!

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Oh, Men! Oh, Women!
Oh, Men! Oh, Women! - 1957 - poster.png
1957 Movie Poster
Directed by Nunnally Johnson
Starring Ginger Rogers
David Niven
Dan Dailey
Music by Cyril J. Mockridge
Cinematography Charles G. Clarke
Edited by Marjorie Fowler
Release date
April 23, 1957
Running time
90 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1,780,000[1]

Oh, Men! Oh, Women! is a 1957 film written and directed by Nunnally Johnson, based on a play by Edward Chodorov. It stars Ginger Rogers, Dan Dailey and David Niven.[2]


Mildred Turner is a patient of a New York psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Coles. She is bored and frustrated in her marriage to a movie star, Arthur Turner.

Coles is about to marry Myra Hagerman, but is perplexed when neurotic new patient Grant Cobbler claims he is sleepless and heartsick over "Myra," the woman he loves. Coles is then completely bewildered when Mildred mentions that her husband also used to date Myra.

While confronting her about all this, Coles can hardly believe his eyes when a tipsy Arthur shows up at Myra's, embracing her, followed by Cobbler, who repeats his adoration of her. It leads to a fight, followed by Coles meeting the other two suitors in a bar to drown their sorrows. Coles is able to persuade Arthur to show wife Mildred the affection she wants.

Alan boards a luxury liner on the day he and Myra are supposed to set sail on a honeymoon cruise, not knowing if she will show up. When she does, Cobbler turns up as well. Coles tosses him down the gangplank. While still arguing about their situation, Coles and Myra fail to notice that the ship has sailed.[3]


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