Oh My Love (album)

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Oh My Love
Oh My Love album.jpg
Studio album by Zard
Released June 4, 1994
Genre Pop rock
Length 48:36
Label B-Gram
Producer B・M・F
Zard chronology
Yureru Omoi
Oh My Love
Forever You

Oh My Love is the 5th album of Zard[1] and was released on June 4, 1994 under B-Gram Records label. The album reached #1 rank first week. It charted for 72 weeks and sold more than 2,000,000 copies.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics[3] written by Izumi Sakai and arrangements by Masao Akashi.

  1. Oh My Love
  2. Top Secret
  3. Kitto Wasurenai (きっと忘れない?)
    • composer: Tetsurō Oda
    • 10th single
    • single and album version have different arrangements
  4. Mou Sukoshi, Ato Sukoshi... (もう少し あと少し…?)
  5. Ame ni Nurete (雨に濡れて?)
    • lyrics: Show Uesugi / composer: Seiichirou Kuribayashi
  6. Kono Ai ni Oyogi Tsukarete mo (この愛に泳ぎ疲れても?)
  7. I Still Remember
  8. If You Gimme Smile
  9. Rainen no Natsu mo (来年の夏も?)
  10. Anata ni Kaeritai (あなたに帰りたい?)


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