Oh No! More Lemmings

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Oh No! More Lemmings
Oh No! More Lemmings Coverart.png
Amiga Cover art of Oh No! More Lemmings
Developer(s) DMA Design
Publisher(s) Psygnosis
Platform(s) Commodore Amiga
various (see Ports for details)
Release date(s) 1991
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player
Two-player (on some systems)

Oh No! More Lemmings is a computer game expansion to the Psygnosis game Lemmings. Sometimes referred to as the "data disk", it contains 100 unique single-player levels and six new music tracks. The Amiga version also includes 10 two-player levels. This game is not the official sequel to Lemmings, a title that goes to Lemmings 2: The Tribes.

The game requires either the install disk from the previous Lemmings, or, in a standalone version, the game manual, for use as a copy protector. The new levels are separated into five difficulty categories (Tame, Crazy, Wild, Wicked, and Havoc), each with 20 levels.

Unlike the original game, none of the levels borrowed graphics from other Psygnosis titles. In one level, "Inroducing SUPERLEMMING" [sic], the player must save a single lemming that moves at a greatly increased speed. Also unlike the original Lemmings, each level is unique; no levels appear in multiple difficulty categories with different amounts of each skill.


The gameplay is effectively identical to the original Lemmings game. However, while the first few levels for the Fun rating in the original game are tutorial-like, the Tame levels in Oh No, More Lemmings are just simple levels without hints on how to complete them.

All subsequent levels are considerably more difficult than those from the original game and become tougher at a much greater rate. Some players consider the Oh No! levels to be more entertaining, as they present a much greater challenge than those of the first game. The quota for the skills on many levels is set so that all quotas must be used to complete the level, thus giving only one possible way to complete many levels in Oh No, More Lemmings.


Screenshot of Oh No! More Lemmings for the SAM Coupé home computer.

The Amiga version was ported to DOS, Atari ST, SAM Coupé, Apple Macintosh and Acorn Archimedes either as data disk or standalone game. The levels were also made available for Windows, Game Boy Color and Sony PlayStation, included with their versions of Lemmings. The Sega Genesis version of Lemmings includes some of the Oh No! More Lemmings levels, but they were redesigned using the original game's graphics and were given different names.

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