Oh Schuks... I'm Gatvol

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Oh Schuks I'm Gatvol!
Oh Shucks, I'm Gatvol! Cover.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Leon Schuster
Produced by Leon Schuster
Written by Leon Schuster
Starring Leon Schuster
Alfred Ntombela
Gerry the Clown
Bill Flynn
Al Debbo
Release date
Language South African English

Oh Schuks I'm Gatvol!, is a 2004 South African comedy film written, produced and directed by Leon Schuster. He also stars in the film alongside Alfred Ntombela, Gerry the Clown, Bill Flynn and Al Debbo.

The film's initial budget was R 2,000,000, but an extra R 6,000 was spent for the extras on board the aeroplane. The film grossed R 30,000,000 overall in South Africa and R 34,000,000 worldwide.


After growing fed up with crime in South Africa, Schuks decides to move to Australia, with his friend Alf. Also, we see a Schuster version of Saddam Hussein, called Samoosa Woestyn (ruler of fictional Afkaq) who plans to kill U.S. President George W. Bush at a worldwide country conference. After being in hiding for a year he comes out as a midget. This is when he and his associate Ali go to the conference to get Bush. In the night, Schuks pulls his maid Precious into the jacuzzi and gives her everything he owns, though he cannot remember this the next morning because he was drunk. Samoosa and Ali also fall as another bunch of victims in Schuks' prank list when they are startled by an ash tray that explodes. They are going to be in his new movie, which everybody in South Africa will be viewing.

On the aeroplane Schuks and Alf are discovered and sing the song "I Don't Want To Sit Next To Manto." After the plane passengers want more, Schuks decides to show the audience his new movie, eventually getting to the scene where Samoosa and Ali are talking about attacking Bush. One of the passengers is of Afkaqi descent and understands the conversation; he tells the stewardess, who tells the other flight attendants, Samoosa makes an announcement that there is a bomb on the plane. This leads to a hostage situation and eventually Samoosa and Ali are tied up and the plane goes back to South Africa. The movie finishes with Schuks returning home and finding that Precious has ransacked the house. Alf tells him that he gave Precious all he owned.

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