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Ohan (male), is a common Armenian name and can be used as a nickname for Hovhannes or Ohannes

Ohan may refer to:


  • Ohan Durian (1922-2011), Armenian conductor
  • Mikho-Ohan, pen name of Armenian writer Nar-Dos


  • Ohan (film), 1984 Japanese film directed by Kon Ichikawa


  • Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods (abbreviated OHAN), association in Oak Hill, Austin, Texas
  • Origin of name Ohan is prevalent on the continent of Western Africa (Nigeria). Strong affiliation can be located with and near the Igbo (Ibo) tribe. The name Ohan may stand by itself or has been abbreviated from a variation of formats. The predominant pre-fix for this abbreviated surname within the specified region stated above is "Oha". The lineage of the aforementioned name has a both long and distinct pedigree: 'Ohan'.

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